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2020 FINALISTS Announced!

Congratulations to Western Sydney filmmakers on another impressive year of short films! We received a staggering number of submissions this year from Western Sydney filmmakers which is just amazing considering the giant pause button Covid-19 pushed on our lives this year.

Plus, this year’s films are sensational! Every year we are absolutely blown away by the quality of the productions being made here in the West and 2020 is certainly no different. Through rain, hail, shine, and a global pandemic as it turns out, Western Sydney filmmakers are kicking ass and taking names! You are all rockstars.

Please now put your hands together and give a HUGE round of applause to every one of this year’s 50 festival entrants because they deserve your congratulations. We surely noted the bold and brave stories that are being told right now - films with HEART - which is exactly what Western Sydney artists do best!

We wish we could include you all in the festival, but of course we are always limited by the duration of our event. This year though, we’re lucky enough to have a little more time up our sleeves than usual! Thanks to our amazing Venue Sponsors at EVENT Cinemas in Liverpool, we’re bringing you more festival films than ever before in our double-cinema screening! And not just any screens - two HUGE V-max cinema screens for Western Sydney films to shine in full DCP in front of two live audiences.

Of course the audience in each cinema is half the size it normally would be because EVENT Cinemas is a Covid-safe venue and we’re planning a Covid-safe event. Thanks to social distancing measures, we’re going to spread our wings this year into two side-by-side cinemas!

We’ve got different films screening in each cinema, private bars, hot food and candy bar, great company, great hosts -- what more could you need? Stay tuned for the lineup announcements next week!

The ONLY place you can catch ALL 28 finalist films this year is at Made in the West Online Film Festival on Saturday 28 November. Yes you heard us right -- 28 films on Saturday 28 November!! That’s almost double the number of films we’ve EVER screened at the festival. Tickets are on sale now and will set you back a very reasonable $5 (+booking fee) for three full hours of Made in the West MAGIC with 28 amazing filmmakers included in a bumper 3-hour short film marathon with highlights from the festival red carpet, two hosts and all the buzz of the festival experience.

So without further ado, we are very pleased to announce the 28 finalist films to be featured at Made in the West 2020 (in alphabetical order):

  1. 1Conversation: Boulevarde feat. Little Green - Submitted by Luke Walker

  2. A Momentary Yearning - Submitted by Faraaz Rahman

  3. Black Cat - Submitted by Alan Nguyen

  4. Body - Submitted by Joseph Schwarzkopf

  5. Chocolate & Coffee - Submitted by Ian Escandor

  6. Codependent - Submitted by Cat Sole

  7. Collapse - Submitted by Steven Saros-Glinatsis

  8. Derek: Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse - Submitted by Gary Boulter

  9. Father Time - Submitted by Enrique Urquia

  10. GOD: The Performance Review - Submitted by Victoria Carwin

  11. Golem - Submitted by Ryan Cauchi

  12. Halal Gurls - Submitted by Vonne Patiag

  13. Hollow Hands - Submitted by Sean Hall

  14. Khana Khazana - Submitted by Arka Das

  15. My Mother, The Action Star - Submitted by Maria Tran

  16. Olga’s Self Insert Fanfiction - Submitted by Timothy Cheeseman

  17. Overcaterers Anonymous - Submitted by Wayne Tunks

  18. P’s Get Degrees - Submitted by Prudence Bernadette

  19. Pick Me Up - Submitted by Jacinta Kezelos

  20. The 11:59 to Washington Square - Submitted by Cat Sole

  21. The Distance Between Me and Death - Submitted by Jing Yu

  22. The Eradication of Love - Submitted by Benjamin Burton

  23. The Gift - Submitted by Kamran Mirza

  24. The Intruders - Submitted by Luke Newnham

  25. The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle - Submitted by Joanna Beveridge

  26. The Thirty Second Man - Submitted by Steve McGrath

  27. Tomorrow: JamarzOnMarz - Submitted by JamarzOnMarz

  28. When the Mailman Arrives - Submitted by Ebube Uba

Congratulations to the entire list of 2020 finalists!

We’re excited for you all and we’re looking forward to working with you to promote your films in the coming weeks. Check out our 2020 Online Festival Program for more info about the films!

Stay tuned for award nominee announcements coming soon! Want to know more about what’s coming up this month? Read our Countdown to the Festival blog for a full run-through of the plan.

You can also RSVP to our FB event to stay up to date with all the announcements, event information and instructions before festival week, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what we’re up to.

We’re looking forward to hosting you on the red carpet this year!


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