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  • What date is Made in the West Film Festival being held this year?
    Are you wondering what date the festival is? Made in the West Film Festival is held at the end of November each year. The date for the 2024 festival will be Saturday 23 November. Doors open at 6pm! Keep an eye on our LATEST NEWS or follow us online to stay in the loop!
  • What are the entry criteria for Made in the West films?
    We don't put restrictions on what type of films you should be making, we just want you to make them with Western Sydney filmmakers! So our main criteria is that all films need to include at least one cast member, crew member or set location from Western Sydney. We want to see what you're working on currently, so we don't set any rules about special items or tag lines to include in your work. We want to see whatever Western Sydney filmmakers WANT to produce. So that means your film can be ANY genre - every year we have a range of entries, from documentaries and mockumentaries, to horror, action, comedy and drama shorts, plus animated films, music videos, web series episodes... pretty much everything and anything! Your final duration must be under 15 minutes - this is just so that we can screen plenty of local films on the night (usually about 20). We know it's hard to keep some stories short, but it does mean a more interesting viewing experience for our live audience. If your work is longer, you can cut a shorter version just for the festival or ask us about submitting a trailer. See our Entry Criteria page for more information about the film specifications required.
  • When do submissions open / close this year?
    Are you wondering when entries open so you can submit a film to the festival? Submissions are now CLOSED for Made in the West 2023. 2024 SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN CLOSING DATE: 25 OCTOBER 2024 Early bird entry fee ($35) is valid until 5 July at midnight. Main round entry fee ($40) is valid until 11 October at midnight. Late round entry fee ($50) is valid until 25 October at midnight. Student discounts apply throughout. We're looking forward to seeing what you've been working on, Western Sydney!
  • How do I submit my film to Made in the West?
    Wondering how to enter a film in the festival? It's very easy! Use our online entry form to submit your film details to Made in the West Film Festival. HOW TO SUBMIT A FILM: Step 1. Click on the PayPal link to make the required payment for Independent OR Student filmmaker – your selection determines which of the major awards you will go in the running to win. Save the Paypal reference number. Step 2. Fill out your film details, synopsis and contributor names on the entry form - these details are used in our program line-up and award certificates, so be sure you have them spelled correctly! Enter your Paypal reference number and a link to your film which has been uploaded to an external website (YouTube or Vimeo). All films should be 1920 x 1080 HD. Note: If you don't want to make your film public online, upload it as an 'unlisted' video and share the link / password with us. Step 3. Tick the box giving us permission to screen / promote your film and click submit.
  • Will Made in the West hold the rights to my film if I submit?
    When you submit your film to Made in the West, we ask for permission to show the film at the festival, in our online screening, and to feature it in our promo videos. We often work with local organisations to further promote finalist films, so sometimes we will contact filmmakers with these additional distribution opportunities (via online channels or live screenings), but we always get in touch and request new permissions. As filmmakers ourselves, we are committed to making sure filmmakers keep ownership (and profits) for your film. We will never ask you to hand over the rights to your film, nor will we request that you reserve your premiere for us (though you are welcome to!). You are welcome to continue share your film wherever & whenever you like and we look forward to helping you promote your work by also screening it at Made in the West.
  • I've entered the festival. How do I know if my short film will be screened?
    If you have entered your film in Made in the West Film Festival, you'll be notified by email after submissions close with information about whether you have been selected as a finalist. If you are notified as a finalist, your film will be judged by our panel of industry professionals and screened at the festival at one or more of our festival screenings. All finalists will be notified by email with their screening times.
  • Do you screen feature length films at Made in the West Film Festival?
    No, we don't currently include feature length films in the program at Made in the West. We know that many Western Sydney filmmakers are just starting out in the industry so short films, doco's, music videos and web series are the main projects people are working on - understandably too, it's how we'll all get our names out there! We are happy to screen trailers for feature films that have been produced in Western Sydney (usually one or two at the start of each segment) and we encourage you to get in contact with us if you're interested in having your film trailer shown on the night.
  • How many films are screened at Made in the West?
    We try to screen as many films as we can in the time frame that we have! Usually that means we have time for about 15-20 short films. We'll release the full list of this year's finalist films in early November. Keep an eye on our LATEST NEWS or follow us online to stay in the loop!
  • How do I get to Made in the West?
    Are you planning how to get to the festival? Here are your public transport and parking options: Event Cinemas is located on the top floor of Westfield Shopping Centre, on Elizabeth Drive in Liverpool. PARKING: Access the Westfield carpark via George Street and drive up to the rooftop parking lot. Arrive after 6pm for free parking. OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION: Stay at Quest Apartments Liverpool and make a night of it! TRAINS to Liverpool arrive every 15 minutes. #T80 BUS: From Parramatta (every 15 mins) #M90 BUS: From Bankstown (every 20 mins) #802 BUS: From Fairfield (every 30 mins) #872 BUS: From Campbelltown (every 30 mins) Pedestrian access to the cinema is via the front entrance of Westfield Shopping Centre then take the first escalator to the roof. ACCESSIBILITY: The cinema is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you require wheelchair accessible seating for the show.
  • How much are tickets to Made in the West / how can I book tickets?
    Are you wondering how to book tickets to attend Made in the West? Tickets to our in-cinema events are FREE, though you need to register your attendance so that we don't run over our seating capacity. Made in the West Film Festival has always been a FREE event for audiences to attend and we want to keep it that way. Finding an audience for our films is one of the hardest aspects of filmmaking and we know that having a few hundred people to watch, laugh and consider your film as they see it on the big screen is such a valuable experience. *Note: VIP reserved seating ($20) or Exclusive VIP Party access ($100) ticket options are also available. All proceeds go towards event costs. We will also be bringing the festival experience to folks at home once again this year with an online festival. You can expect a bumper line-up of finalist films PLUS highlights and interviews from the red carpet filmed live on the night by our TV camera crew. We encourage you to invite as many friends, family, cast & crew to buy tickets and share the festival experience with you from home and share the love for local films on screen.
  • Is Made in the West an all-ages event?
    No, Made in the West is an 18+ event. Many of the films will contain mature content. This means that all of the usual things (including strong language, sex scenes, adult themes, drug use and violence), will probably make an appearance at some point throughout the night. Note: If you are the parent or guardian of an under-age cast or crew member of one of our finalist films, feel free to contact us to discuss your options.
  • What's the format of the night / when does the event finish?
    Made in the West Film Festival has an in-cinema screening plus an online screening. At Made in the West, you can vote for your favourite film! We know the judging panel is pretty awesome and they have their own ideas on who should take home a trophy, but we also want YOU to vote for your favourite so we can send someone home with our Audience Choice Award or the People's Choice Award. RED CARPET SCREENING: Doors open at 6pm! Arrive before 6.30pm for red carpet photos with Western Sydney filmmakers, then at 7pm settle into your cinema chair for our a stellar line-up of locally produced short films. There will be two segments of films with intermission between. You'll find out the winners of our nine individual category awards throughout the night and at 10.30pm we'll host a live audience vote to decide the winner of the Audience Choice Award! Final trophy presentations conclude by11pm. ONLINE MEGA MOVIE MARATHON: Watch all the films from home and vote for the People's Choice Award! Settle in for an EPIC 3-hour movie marathon at home on the couch with your friends and family this holiday season with our new ON DEMAND online festival. Pause the screening during the intermission so you can refresh your snacks and then catch some of the highlights and interviews from the red carpet! Vote for your favourite films at the end of the show and we'll announce the winners at the end of festival season.
  • How do I attend the online festival?
    We can't wait to bring the festival experience to people at home again this year, complete with filmmaker interviews and festival highlights from the red carpet. From 1 December to 31 January, Western Sydney films will be screening online and on demand to viewers across the world! Our NEW online festival site is open now, so you can check out festival content while you wait! Are you wondering how to attend the online festival? It's easy! Just follow the ON DEMAND link on our Vimeo page and click 'HIRE' to purchase. Settle in for an EPIC 3-hour movie marathon at home on the couch with your friends and family this holiday season, featuring all finalist films in the line-up. Pause the screening during the intermission so you can refresh your snacks and then catch some of the highlights and interviews from the red carpet! Vote for your favourite films at the end of the show and we'll announce the winners at the end of the online festival season. Host an online watch party and share pics of your at-home festival experiences with us using the hashtag #madeinthewest You can follow us on socials for a look behind the scenes with SSP and follow the finalist filmmakers to see them celebrating another awesome year of festival films (links will be shared closer to the festival date).
  • How is COVID-19 impacting festival plans? Will the festival be Covid-Safe?
    Made in the West Film Festival will be hosted at Event Cinemas Liverpool (in person!) at the end of November. We will be proceeding with caution and listening carefully to the advice of the NSW Government in regards to public gatherings and health risk management. The best part is, we'll ALSO be bringing the red carpet to YOU at home too - one week later and with all the interviews and excitement from the red carpet! So you can watch from home if you prefer. Follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on our news blog to stay in the loop.
  • My question wasn't answered. Help me!
    Get in contact with us - we're happy to help! Find our contact details on the Contact Us page or fill out the email form to ask a question :)
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