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Made in the West announces DOUBLE cinema screening!

Are you ready to party at the biggest (and best!) socially distanced cinema event of the year? Well then get excited, because we’ve got BIG NEWS!!

Thanks to Event Cinemas Liverpool and the team at Still Searchin’ Productions, this year’s festival line-up of Western Sydney short films will be screening on TWO huge VMax cinemas on Saturday 21 November.

That’s right, WE’RE SEEING DOUBLE!! Double the screens and triple the action at Made in the West 2020!

Because this year we’re also bringing the red carpet to you at home with our first ever online festival screening on Saturday 28 November!

Celebrating the Western Sydney film community has never been easier!

Settle in for a late-night short film marathon right there at home on your couch, celebrating local artists and Western Sydney filmmakers on the small screen… because if there’s anything 2020 has taught us all, it’s that we love having access to Sydney’s best cultural events from home!

How great is it that 2020 has pushed us all to find ways to access the arts and culture that we love online? We seriously live in the future! The best part is that now all those folks who couldn’t make it to the festival at Event Cinemas before, can now join in the fun of Made in the West from home! We’re bringing you a bumper line-up of short films and highlights from the red carpet event on Saturday 28 November.

Tickets to all three screenings will be available in early November - keep an eye out for more announcements here on our website, or over on our Instagram and Facebook pages where we'll share links and details.

In the meantime, have you submitted your film to the festival yet? We’re calling for film submissions now!

See the live reactions from 300 awesome folks in the audience and enjoy a great night out with the film community -- it's such a buzz! Check out our entry criteria for more information.

Submissions close Friday 23 October at midnight.


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