Get ready for a jam-packed three-hour short film marathon featuring all of 28 festival finalists, plus highlights from the red carpet, interviews with local filmmakers and all the excitement from the festival.


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SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER AT 2PM AEDT (see here for time zone converter)

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1Conversation: Boulevarde feat. Little Green

A music video about that one conversation you can't take back. The one where it moves forward or falls apart.

A Momentary Yearning.png

A Momentary Yearning

Faraaz Rahman (Sydney Film School)

Jaded and exhausted by war, Francis returns to a city he left ten years ago. He recalls his days as an idealistic, young man, and a young woman named Nadine he shared a deep bond with before leaving. He attempts to reach out to Nadine again, yearning to find what he had left behind, and in the process discovers a truth he had not anticipated.

Black Cat.png

Black Cat

Alan Nguyen

What are dreams? What is imagination?

Never mind... A cocaine drug dealer gets haunted by a ghost.



Joseph Schwarzkopf (UTS)

Heading home from a late shift one evening, Ellie, a young and overworked office drone, comes across the body of a woman, sprawled out, face up, in a widening pool of blood.

Chocolate and Coffee.png

Chocolate & Coffee

Ian Escandor (Loft Bed Studios)

Jeremy is an artist whose daily routine includes living life on the fly, but before all of the day-to-day chaos he must have his coffee... with chocolate. When Jasmine slow walks into his life, he decides it is time to change his daily routine. But how many shots can he shoot until he realises he is losing a lot more than just time?



Cat Sole

Totally chill and not at all high strung Carmen moves in with a house of millennial creatives, and decides to vlog the experience. Chaos ensues.



Steven Saros-Glinatsis (Western Sydney University)

A crime drama, set in a city where the elite are seen as saints by the public, yet their sins run the city. This short film is the stepping-on point for a journey that is just beginning.

Derek Holding Image.png

Derek: Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Gary Boulter

Death (or Derek to his friends) is one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. He's had a good year and is really looking forward to taking some well earned annual leave.

Father Time.png

Father Time

Enrique Urquia (Eurkish Visual Media)

After losing his temper, a father regrets his actions and time teaches him a valuable lesson.

GOD The Performance Review.png

GOD: The Performance Review

Victoria Carwin (Scenario Productions)

It's one millennium since God's last performance review meeting with senior management and they're not impressed with what has been happening on that tiny blue planet called Earth. God needs to act quickly if he wants to avoid redundancy.



Ryan Cauchi (Ryan Cauchi)

Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue - unaware of the horror awaiting them.

Halal Gurls.png

Halal Gurls

Vonne Patiag (In-Between Pictures)

When a new diversity position is announced at her work, Mouna must face off against Rakesh, a pansexual South-East Asian co-worker, to prove to her boss who is more diverse and suitable for the top job.

Hollow Hands.png

Hollow Hands

Sean Hall (Darkroom Hijack & Ellis Production)

When a struggling criminal courier's life begins to fall apart, he decides to risk it all to start a new life.

Khana Khazana.png

Khana Khazana

Arka Das (Brown Peach Films)

A worker discovers the dark side of immigrant labour as his boss starts to control his destiny.

My Mother, The Action Star.png

My Mother, The Action Star

Maria Tran

For the past year, Maria has been developing a solo theatrical show ACTION STAR at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre in Fairfield. Unable to rehearse due to Covid-19, Maria has looked closer to home and in recent conversations with her mother, she has discovered from where her strength as a woman and artist came.

Olgas Self Insert Fanfiction.png

Olga's Self Insert Fanfiction

Timothy Cheeseman (UTS)

Olga is bored of the monotony of her life. When she finds an escape through her fanfiction, her fantasies run wild, becoming increasingly power hungry and ridiculous.

Today, Tomorrow, the world. Why would she ever go back to reality?

Overcaterers Anonymous.png

Overcaterers Anonymous

Wayne Tunks (Tunks Productions)

In this documentary, we meet a group of people at an Overcaterers Anonymous meeting where they support each other to overcome an addiction to abundance.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

P's Get Degrees.png

P's Get Degrees

Prudence Bernadette

A disorganised university student is completely oblivious to his array of sticky notes, reminding him of the essay that is due in the next hour.

Pick Me Up.png

Pick Me Up

Jacinta Kezelos (Gimble Productions)

Upset and frustrated, a man decides his time on Earth has come to an end.

The 1159 to Washington Square.png

The 11:59 to Washington Square

Cat Sole

Raven and Otto have come to the train station to meet their end - and meet each other instead.

The Distance Between Me and Death.png

The Distance Between Me and Death

Jing Yu (Macquarie University)

A short, self portrait that uses a pop-up book to show three memories about death.

The Eradication of Love.png

The Eradication of Love

Benjamin Burton (Ben Burton Productions and 52 Atelier)

A man contemplates using a gun, whilst reminiscing about his romantic past with his newly engaged fiancé.

The Gift.png

The Gift

Kamran Mirza

We all have a special gift. Most of the time we ignore it, sometimes it is the pain that uncovers it. This is the true story of Roshani, who was adopted by an Australian couple from Sri Lanka. She became a musician and discovered her gift following tragedy.

The Intruders.png

The Intruders

Luke Newnham

A mum and dad hide out in their closet from mysterious intruders...

The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle.png

The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle

Joanna Beveridge (Paraverse Pictures)

There's just one person standing between June Clearwater and becoming a Pony Club horse riding champion... Melanie Sprottle.

The Thirty Second Man.png

The Thirty Second Man

Steve McGrath

An actor believes he is at the top of his game until he discovers his agent is at the bottom of his bank account.


Tomorrow: JamarzOnMarz

Facing the Principal's clippers for having 'extreme' Afro-styled hair, JamarzOnMarz is dragged by his hair into their office to have his hair shaved.

When the Mailman Arrives.png

When the Mailman Arrives

Ebube Uba (Western Sydney University)

An internal monologue and personal annotation, Nigerian-Australian psychology student Angelica Ojinnaka vocalises her response to mental health in the black community.