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2019 FINALISTS revealed!

Made in the West 2019 will feature 18 short films by local filmmakers from right across Western Sydney, from Camden to Canterbury, Warwick Farm to Whalan, Quakers Hill to Kenhurst.

While the films differ in genre, they all share one thing in common: they each feature a cast member, crew member or location from Western Sydney. And we think that’s pretty fabulous!

In this year’s festival line-up you’ll get to see some hilarious comedies and great dramas, doco’s, web series, horror, music videos, and some other fantastic feel good short films. The program is a mixed bag, as always!

And for the first time ever, Made in the West will feature more female finalists than male. Women absolutely dominate the line-up this year and we happen to think that is very impressive!

Without a doubt, the Western Sydney films we are seeing today wear their Westie badge with pride. More films than ever before have proudly included the Western Suburbs in their dialogue or as a critical part of their stories.

Congratulations to all the entrants who submitted a film to Made in the West this year and of course, a special mention must go to all our semi-finalists, whose films only narrowly missed out on being in the line-up. For all of you who are wondering what those films were like, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be showcasing highlights at the festival from all 25 semi-finalists films.

The final judge at Made in the West is YOU! Come along to the festival and at the end of the night you’ll VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE FILM and send someone home with a trophy! The deciding vote on who wins the highly coveted Audience Choice Award lays squarely in your hands.

Who is in the running to win, you ask? Well, without further ado…

Still Searchin' Productions is proud to announce the 2019 MADE IN THE WEST FILM FESTIVAL FINALISTS!

  1. Aberration - Submitted by Monique Googh

  2. Ankara Pride - Submitted by Thuy Nguyen

  3. Another Crack In The Wall - Submitted by June Holmes

  4. Arlo - Submitted by Wayne Tunks

  5. Audio Guide - Submitted by Chris Elena

  6. Big Tony - Submitted by Austen Watts

  7. Campesinos - Submitted by Matias Bolla

  8. Going Down - Submitted by Andreas Toumbas

  9. Huli Jing - Submitted by Lily Cheng

  10. Into the Rabbit Hole - Submitted by Jessica Pabian

  11. Larry Time - Submitted by Daniel Krige

  12. My name is Mohamed and Raghad, We don't exist here anymore - Submitted by Ali Mousawi

  13. Out of Time - Submitted by Jacinta Kezelos

  14. Sydney Sleuthers - Submitted by Joanna Beveridge

  15. The Brave - Submitted by Michelle Kaldy

  16. Tomgirl - Submitted by Vonne Patiag

  17. Tomorrow Mourning - Submitted by Emma Elias

  18. Toward the Rain - Submitted by Emma Elias

Congratulations to all of the 2019 entrants! Please put your hands together for these fantastic filmmakers and be sure to join us at the festival so you can cheer for their films in person!

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