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Tickets OPEN for Made in the West 2019!

We're so excited!! Tickets are now OPEN for Made in the West 2019 and they're flying out the door!

We've got a feeling this year is going to be huge!!! And trust us, when we get a feeling like this you surely should listen, because the last time this happened we PACKED the Paddo RSL to the rafters and that was the year we had to admit to ourselves "we're gonna need a bigger boat" !

And isn't she a beautiful boat indeed!

Thanks to our new venue sponsors, Event Cinemas in Liverpool, Made in the West will be screening Western Sydney films on the big screen in their luxury Vmax cinema with private bar and awesome leather armchairs -- it doesn't get any better than this!!

We're bringing you a full Saturday night of short films and cocktails, filmmaker awards, a fully licensed cinema and PLENTY of good audience vibes. What more could you ask for??

Made in the West is BY FAR the best night out for anyone who loves to talk films and be part of a fun crowd, while indulging in a few drinks, some laughs and a little Westie pride.

And did we mention tickets are FREE??

Made in the West has always been, and always will be, a FREE event.

There is NOTHING more rewarding to a filmmaker than gaining an audience for their films. We know it, because we agree! After all the work that goes into a film production, all we want as artists is for others to see it... and hopefully get it... and maybe even love it.

Made in the West is about finding an audience for our films and showing everyone what our local creatives are up to. And let us tell you --- they have been working hard!! This year's films are so good you're going to wonder why you ever paid 20 bucks to see a big budget feature film when so many AWESOME short films are on offer right here, right now, made in Western Sydney.

Saturday 23 November 2019

Event Cinemas, Liverpool

Doors open at 6pm

Dress to impress!

Seating is limited so please reserve ONLY the number of tickets that you are sure you need. Eventbrite allows you to easily change, cancel and update your orders if you or your guests change your mind.

Arrive at 6pm to guarantee your seat! Tickets will be available at the door to fill any empty seats.

GENERAL ADMISSION Screening & Awards tickets (FREE): All attendees wanting to attend the screening from 6pm-11pm for FREE must register for a general admission ticket. Maximum 4 tickets per order (guest names required).

EXCLUSIVE VIP Screening, Awards & Pre-festival PARTY tickets ($100): Donate to the festival and you'll purchase your way in to the winners' circle! This is your chance to mingle with special guests at our exclusive Pre-festival Party, with champagne upon arrival, VIP seating during the screening and awards, plus the opportunity to meet this year's filmmaker entrants during intermission in our new VIP area (hello, private bar!). Really though, this ticket is just a way to show your support for Made in the West and contribute to the event. You'll get a heartfelt thanks from the SSP crew for so generously supporting what we do. All proceeds from ticket sales go towards event running costs. It's a win win, really.

Whatever your plans may be for Saturday 23 November, cancel them!

Made in the West Film Festival is a night not to be missed.

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