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2019 Semi-Finalists announced!

Congratulations Western Sydney filmmakers for a record-breaking year of films!! We had nearly sixty submissions this year which is bloody brilliant for a little festival like Made in the West -- what a way to kick off our 8th annual film festival for local filmmakers! We are just blown away by the quality of the productions being made here in the West right now and we'd like to say well done to all of the filmmakers who submitted a film this year.

Please put your hands together now and give a HUGE round of applause to our 58 festival entrants, because they all deserve your congratulations!

We know how much work goes into making films and we salute you all for putting in the days, weeks (months!) of effort that is needed to pull together a successful project. Bravo to you! And we also know that once a film is finished, the goal we all have is to screen that film to an audience. That's how Made in the West was born -- we just wanted to screen our films!

These days, we only wish we had more screening time, because 2.5 hours is nothing considering over 11 hours of content was submitted this year! We truly wish we could include more films in our festival line-up.

Made in the West Film Festival is on Saturday 23 November. Doors open at 6pm for a full night of short films and filmmaker awards - join us there! Entry is FREE!!

Now, without further ado, we are very pleased to announce the 2019 Made in the West semi-finalist films (in alphabetical order):

  1. 11:59 to Washington Square - Submitted by Cat Sole

  2. Aberration - Submitted by Monique Googh

  3. Ankara Pride - Submitted by Thuy Nguyen

  4. Another Crack In The Wall - Submitted by June Holmes

  5. Arlo - Submitted by Wayne Tunks

  6. Audio Guide - Submitted by Chris Elena

  7. Back to Boggabri - Submitted by Jesse Secomb

  8. Beyond 2770 - Submitted by Maisie Cohen

  9. Big Tony - Submitted by Austen Watts

  10. Campesinos - Submitted by Matias Bolla

  11. Catch Up - Submitted by David Owen-Clarke

  12. Colder - Submitted by Kenny Foo

  13. Epilogues - Submitted by Timothy Malin and Tiarna Mar

  14. Faceless - Submitted by Joshua Robinson

  15. Going Down - Submitted by Andreas Toumbas

  16. Granny - Submitted by David Burrowes

  17. Huli Jing - Submitted by Lily Cheng

  18. I Love You Sara - Submitted by Daniel White

  19. Into the Rabbit Hole - Submitted by Jessica Pabian

  20. Just Food - Submitted by Sabina Giado

  21. Keys - Submitted by Jeremiah Puni

  22. Larry Time - Submitted by Daniel Krige

  23. Louise - Submitted by Antony Mann

  24. My name is Mohamed and Raghad, We don't exist here anymore - Submitted by Ali Mousawi

  25. Our Differences - Submitted by John K-ay

  26. Out of Time - Submitted by Jacinta Kezelos

  27. Prone to the Drone - Submitted by Miranda Aguilar

  28. Roadmap: Next Turn Adulthood - Submitted by Brienna Collins

  29. Seeker - Submitted by Michelle Kaldy

  30. She Loves Me… - Submitted by Bella Merlino

  31. SKUWS - Submitted by David Mansour

  32. Sydney Sleuthers - Submitted by Joanna Beveridge

  33. The Brave - Submitted by Michelle Kaldy

  34. The Lonely Road - Submitted by Darren Hawkins

  35. The Movie Magic Show Pre-Recorded in the Evening Tonight Live! - Submitted by Liam Tattersall

  36. These Painted Streets - Submitted by Ahmed Parappil

  37. Til Death Do Us Part - Submitted by Nawal Abdi

  38. Tomgirl - Submitted by Vonne Patiag

  39. Tomorrow Mourning - Submitted by Emma Elias

  40. Toward the Rain - Submitted by Emma Elias

  41. Welcome to the Family - Submitted by Elisa Cristallo

  42. Yo Sister! - Submitted by Jay Harley

Congratulations to the entire list of 2019 semi finalists!

We’re excited for you all and we’re looking forward to sharing your films with everyone in the coming weeks. And while we know we still have some work ahead of us as we take this list of 42 films and turn it into an awesome line-up of 15-20 films, for now we’re just happy celebrating these great local filmmakers and their work.

Made in the West is coming to Liverpool on Saturday 23 November. TICKETS OPEN THIS SATURDAY 2 NOVEMBER AT 9AM.

Check back here on our website for more news in the coming days, or RSVP to our event on Facebook so you can stay up to date with all the finalist and nominee announcements, plus we’ll be sharing plenty of information about what to expect at the event -- we can't wait!

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