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Made in the West TV returns thanks to WSU sponsors

Eight years ago, when we were third year students at Western Sydney University, SSP hosted our first short film screening night. We really couldn’t have imagined it would result in something like this: a red carpet event, crystal trophies, a three storey cinema screen, giving thousands of dollars away in prizes, a bustling scene of filmmakers, networked and busy working on projects. So it’s only fitting that eight years on, we return to our roots to work with third year students from Western Sydney University, who are sponsoring Made in the West for the second year running, and we couldn't be happier.

Western Sydney University (WSU) offers a Bachelor of Communication in Media Arts Production and hands-on experience with in-house production and editing studios, creative project work, and an historical perspective that highlights the impact you can make working in the media industry.

The SSP team are working WSU Media Arts Production students to produce a TV show, due for release at the end of this year.

Here at SSP, our goal is to build a thriving, productive Western Sydney film scene. We want to see more productions being made here, more work going to Western Sydney filmmakers, more arts venues and studios out West, and more audiences lining up to watch the awesome content we create.

We want everyone to celebrate Western Sydney and the amazing creative artists that live here AND we think the films being produced our West deserve to be seen on the big screen - locally, nationally AND internationally! We love hosting Made in the West each year and we know that we couldn’t put on such a rewarding event without sponsorship and partnerships with local organisations like WSU.

This year, WSU are contributing to our festival event costs and donating TV STUDIO TIME in their state of the art television studio at their Parramatta South campus. Yes, that’s right, if you are one of our winners this year, YOU'RE GOING TO BE ON TV!! We'll be inviting the winners of our 2019 trophies on set for the day to chat to our host Sunil Badami and talk about the festival, their winning films, and what it’s like to be a filmmaker in Western Sydney.

So we'd like to say GOOD LUCK to all of this year’s entrants! You could be one of the three lucky filmmakers to join Sunil and Still Searchin' Productions team in the studio to promote your latest project and talk about your journey as a filmmaker. What an amazing prize!

Note: If you haven’t entered your film yet, hop to it! This is your last chance to SUBMIT YOUR SHORT FILM for this year’s festival - entries close 25 October 2019.

HAVE YOU SEEN MADE IN THE WEST TV?? Check out the 2018 episode now!

See you at the festival.


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