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Made in the West TV is here!

The team at SSP is thrilled to finally share Made in the West TV with you!

That’s right, you can now watch 28 glorious minutes of Western Sydney filmmakers right here in our video gallery or check it out over on our SSP YouTube channel.

Last year’s major trophy award winners Andrew Lee of Pursekey Productions (winner of 'Best in the West' for Melon Grab), David Hoey of Granny Flat Pictures (winner of 'Best Student Film' for Milo) and Matthew C. Vella of Vellamatt Films (winner of the ‘Audience Choice Award’ for She’s Not Your Type) discuss their winning films, highlights from the festival, and their experiences making films in Western Sydney.

We’re really stoked to be able to offer this kind of publicity to local filmmakers and we have to say a HUGE THANKS to the School of Humanities & Communication Arts at Western Sydney University for so generously offering us time in their state-of-the-art TV studio in Parramatta.

We were delighted to invite our host Sunil Badami back in his old stomping ground to talk to our panellists – and we can’t wait to do it all over again this year!

Yes, you heard us right – we’re excited to announce that in 2019, thanks once again to WSU School of Humanities & Communication Arts, we’ll be inviting this year’s trophy winners to the TV studio!

So that means we need crew!! We’re calling out for Western Sydney University Media Arts Production students and alumni to join us on set on Thursday 5th December. We’re looking for camera operators, a floor manager, audio switchers, a behind the scenes photographer, even a makeup artist! If you’re keen to join us, then email us now and tell us how you’d like to be involved.

As WSU alumni, Ross, Misty & Jono were pretty chuffed to be able to work with our 2018 WSU student crew: Temalisi on the switching desk, Jason, Rachel and Adam on cameras, and James on the teleprompter. Casey was awesome as floor manager of course, and we were very happy to have David and Annaliese on sound and Laura on HMU. Everyone did such a great job!

We can’t wait to see this year’s festival award winners on Made in the West TV.

Who will win the 2019 trophies? Could it be you??

Imagine – your film on the huge Vmax screen at Event Cinemas, and then, your filmmaker story featured on the small screen – what a win!

Meanwhile, it's the moment we've all been waiting for ... MADE IN THE WEST TV!

We hope you enjoy the show.

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