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2018 Semi-finalists announced!

Congratulations to Western Sydney filmmakers on another impressive year of short films! We received 50 submissions this year and we are absolutely blown away by the quality of the productions being made here in the West.

Please put your hands together and give a HUGE round of applause to every one of the festival entrants right now because they deserve your congratulations.

From concept to creation, we know exactly how much work goes into making a short film (even if the result is only a few minutes long) and we salute you all for putting in the days, weeks (months!) of effort that is needed to pull together a successful project. Bravo!

We wish we could include you all in our festival line-up.

Made in the West Film Festival is on Saturday 24 November and doors open at 6pm for a full night of short films and filmmaker awards - join us there!

We had such fun watching all 50 films this weekend and now, without further ado, we are very pleased to announce 30 wonderful films that were truly outstanding in the field.

The 2018 semi finalists are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Afro Sistahs - Submitted by Hawanatu Bangura (Indie)

  2. After Nightfall - Submitted by Wayne Tunks (Indie: Tunks Productions)

  3. All The Things You Could Have Been - Submitted by Natalia Cartney (Indie: Studio Borges)

  4. Codename Gaslight - Submitted by Gary Boulter (Indie)

  5. Culture Strong - Submitted by L-FRESH The Lion (Indie: Entropico)

  6. Cut Off - Submitted by Ryan Cauchi (Indie)

  7. Devils Liar - Submitted by James Peniata (Indie: Penigma Pictures)

  8. Énouement - Submitted by Isaac Thomson (Student: University of Newcastle)

  9. Family Trust - Submitted by Sri Chigurupati (Student: Australian Film Base)

  10. How to Write a Screenplay - Submitted by Cat Sole (Student: Sydney Film School)

  11. Hunger - Submitted by Kevin Kim (Indie: Adamas Films)

  12. I Dance - Submitted by Daniel Bourke (Indie: Bluebottle Dynamic)

  13. Insight - Submitted by Adam Daniel (Indie: Real Topeka People)

  14. James is Grandiose - Submitted by James Hartley (Indie: Pyramid Schemes Productions)

  15. The Long Awaited Guest - Submitted by Bebi Zekirovski (Indie)

  16. Mastering the Rhythm - Submitted on behalf of Gary Paramanathan (Indie: Diversity Arts)

  17. Melon Grab - Submitted by Andrew Lee (Indie: Pursekey Productions)

  18. Milo - Submitted by David Hoey (Student: AFTRS)

  19. Moe From Da Area Show - Submitted by Chris Paraskevas (Indie)

  20. Musings - Submitted by Bina Bhattacharya (Indie: Gemme de la Femme Pictures)

  21. Oinked - Submitted by Brendan O’Connell (Indie: in the loupe)

  22. Old Souls - Submitted by Angela Downing (Indie)

  23. Point of View - Submitted by Deniz Celik (Indie: Maxed Out Films)

  24. Procrastination - Submitted by Allan West (Indie: Mattman)

  25. Saving Mercury - Submitted by Ali Kadhim (Indie: 9Lives Films)

  26. Shading - Submitted on behalf of Vonne Patiag (Indie: Diversity Arts)

  27. She’s Not Your Type - Submitted by Matthew C. Vella (Indie: Vellamatt Films)

  28. Tasi Vanua - Submitted by Amy Xu (Student: Western Sydney University)

  29. Three Feet Deep - Submitted by Rachael Belle Myers (Indie: Jaded Belle Productions)

  30. True Saint - Submitted by Nicholas Zakrajcek (Student: St Marys Senior High School)

Congratulations to the entire list of 2018 semi finalists!

We’re excited for you all and we’re looking forward to working with you to promote your films in the coming weeks. And while we know we still have some work ahead of us to take this list of 29 fantastic films and turn it into an awesome 15-20 film line-up, for now we’re just happy celebrating these great local filmmakers and their work.

We’ll see you at Made in the West Film Festival on Saturday 24 November.

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