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Spotlight INTERVIEW series: Bina Bhattacharya 2017 Audience Choice Award

Still Searchin’ were in Liverpool earlier this month shooting a series of videos that will shine a spotlight on our 2017 Made in the West trophy winners!

We're excited to be hosting the 2018 Made in the West Film Festival at Event Cinemas in Liverpool on Saturday 24 November. Doors open at 6pm and entry is FREE! We'll roll out the red carpet, award thousands of dollars in prizes and treat you and your friends to a full night of short films produced by local filmmakers right here in Western Sydney.

After catching up with Best Student Film winner Liam Campbell at Event Cinemas, we made our way to the top of the Mac Mall for a feed at our favourite pub in town - the Macquarie Hotel.

While we were there we spotted our festival poster upon the wall in the booth and couldn't resist a pic! Cheers to Mac Bistro for being proud supporters of Western Sydney filmmakers.

We also caught up with 2017 Audience Choice Award winner Bina Bhattacharya.

We chatted to Bina about what it was like to win the highly coveted ACA trophy by popular vote, and got her advice for anyone out there looking to make a film this year.

All films that screen at Made in the West (including student and indie films) will be in the running for the Audience Choice Award, voted for on the night by YOU in the audience! That's right, at the end of the night after our marathon screening, we'll host a LIVE VOTE so you can select your favourite film! The winner takes home a beautiful crystal trophy and a new film clapper / sync slate donated by SSP, along with an awesome film equipment prize package valued at $2000 donated by Digital Logic. You'll be amazed at their huge catalogue of film equipment and how much stuff you'll be able to hire for your next short film shoot!

One of the things you'll find when you come to the festival is an awesome community of filmmakers and potential collaborators. Even if you don't know anyone, the festival is a really welcoming space for emerging filmmakers to meet more established filmmakers, talk about the films that were made this year in Western Sydney and plan your next big project.

But don't just take our word for it - take a listen to Bina Bhattacharya, winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Made in the West Film Festival, she'll tell you all about it!

We'll see you on the red carpet at Made in the West Film Festival on Saturday 24 November!

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