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Announcing 2018 AFTER PARTY at Macquarie Hotel!

Yes, you heard us right: WE’RE HOSTING A FESTIVAL AFTER PARTY!

Thanks to the Macquarie Hotel and our fantastic new friends at the Mac Bistro, we’re inviting you to join us at our first-ever festival after party!!

Just a short walk from Event Cinemas at the end of the night, we’ll be making our way to the Macquarie Hotel at 11pm on Saturday 24 November for a celebratory drink (or three!) in their swanky new outdoor beer garden and lounge.

We can’t wait!

PLUS, if you miss out on lunch before the festival, or you find yourself madly shovelling popcorn into your gob during the films and calling it dinner (or if you’ve been busy all day setting up ... okay, that might just be us!), then you’re going to be stoked to hear that the Mac Bistro has promised to stay open late for us on festival night to make sure we’re all fed and feeling great to finish off the biggest night of our filmmaking year.

We’d like to say thanks to Clayton and the rest of the crew at the Macquarie Bistro for making this possible - they’ve certainly put their money where YOUR mouth is! We think it’s pretty damn awesome that they’re willing to keep the kitchen open past 11pm for us - in fact, they’ll stay open as long as we keep ordering food! How good is that?


If you’re keen to grab a bite to eat on the way to Made in the West, the Bistro is extending their $15 lunch specials to our guests so you can grab a burger, fish & chips or chicken schnitty before the show.

In fact, those lunch specials are available to you any time! Just mention Made in the West to the staff at Macquarie Bistro and they’ll let you order from the weekday specials menu throughout the weekends too. Because that’s just how they roll!

(Speaking of rolls … did you know they make some of the best home-made sausage rolls in town? We can testify to the tastiness of these delicious parcels of sausage-y goodness!)

So get on in to the Mac Bistro one day soon - and tell them we sent you!

From all of us here at Made in the West Film Festival, we’d like to say a big-hearted thanks to the Macquarie Hotel for supporting Western Sydney’s filmmaker community.



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