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Our MEGA Movie Marathon is now streaming ONLINE!

Made in the West’s MEGA Movie Marathon returns to the small screen this summer for all our friends and family around the country and across the globe. We're so excited to bring all the glamour of the festival red carpet to you at home and streaming live to your devices from Friday 1 December until the end of January.

For just $5 USD ($7.70 AUD) you can watch the best short film movie marathon of the year! Featuring a jam-packed line-up of funny, thought-provoking and highly entertaining short films made by Aussie filmmakers from the suburban heartland of Sydney.

Just click on the video link to rent the presentation and you can stream directly to your device on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast

Better yet, hook up your device to the TV and gather your friends to settle in on the couch for some of the best short films Australia has to offer! It’s PERFECT holiday viewing for you and your pals.

*Note: Made in the West is an R18+ event! Many of the films will contain mature content and this means that all of the usual things (including L,S,A,D,V) will likely make an appearance at some point throughout the show. Sorry kids, this one’s for the grown-ups!

Hosted by podcaster and content producer Shetu Simone, Made in the West MEGA Movie Marathon includes 3 x 50 minute segments of films with a pause break for intermissions between each one. 

We’ve captured all the excitement from the red carpet too, so that during the intermissions you can meet some Western Sydney filmmakers and catch their interviews with our red carpet host Prudence Bernadette!

At the end of the movie marathon, you’ll be asked to VOTE for your favourite film to help us determine the People’s Choice Award PLUS new genre awards for Best Horror, Sci Fi, Drama and Comedy.

Australia’s best online short film festival is live NOW from December 1 until January 31. 

Our 2023 Online Festival Program has all details of this year’s bumper line-up of 18 films, plus a print-at-home program so you can keep track of your favourite films while you watch. 

Follow the finalists online and you’ll see their behind-the-scenes pics from the festival red carpet. And if you love their film, tag them and congratulate them in a post!  

At the end of segment three, remember to vote for your favourite film! We love finding out the audience favourite -- your vote counts towards the 2023 People’s Choice Award.

Check out the online festival now on Vimeo – what are you waiting for??

Western Sydney films are seriously cutting-edge! 

We couldn’t be more excited to present the best short films of the year, made by Western Sydney filmmakers, to a worldwide audience again this year.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions! These films will spark your curiosity, make you bust a move in your seat, stir up some serious energy, and then pull at your heartstrings. It's the signature blend of thrill and emotion that Western Sydney filmmakers have consistently delivered over the past decade. 

Now is the time to support the local indie film scene and enjoy our marathon festival line-up of short films made right here in the suburban heartland of Sydney, Australia. 

We hope to see you there!

If you have a few questions about how to set yourself up for a good night and make the most of this festival experience, our FAQs might be what you need:


The festival is accessed directly through Vimeo On Demand this year. Register with Vimeo to create an account and then RENT Made in the West and save it to your library for just $5 USD ($7.68 AUD) to enjoy an EPIC movie marathon from anywhere in the world! 

Vimeo will ask you for your credit card or PayPal details to purchase. You will have one week to finish the festival presentation, so it’s just like renting a film from a digital video store. 

The show will stream from the start of December to the end of January, and features 18 short films. 

Download and print our at-home festival program before the show to compare notes on your favourite films. This year’s line-up is sure to cause a few debates over which film is best -- there are just too many to choose from! 

Note: At the end of the show we’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite film – in order to vote you will need to scan the QR code on screen then follow the link. You will find it easiest to do this from a second screen, ideally your mobile phone. 


Made in the West Online Film Festival includes 3 x 50 minute segments of films with a pause break for intermission between each one. 

Your host Shetu will tell you when it’s time to pause your screen so you can take a bathroom break, top up your drink and snacks bowl, then jump back into the next segment when you’re ready. 

The total running time is 3 hours and it includes 18 short films plus highlights from the red carpet and interviews with the filmmakers. At the end of the show, we will ask you to vote for your favourite film to help us determine the winner of the third annual People’s Choice Award. 


Make it to the end of our 2023 movie marathon and you will be rewarded with an opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Your host Shetu will explain what to do -- you will see the instructions appear on your screen to simply scan the QR code with your phone and follow the link to vote for your favourite film -- it’s super easy!

Your vote could be the one that decides our final winner!

Once voting closes, we’ll tally up the votes and reveal who won -- stay tuned to this news blog and our FB and Insta channels so you can see the announcement online! 


Any time you want, between NOW and the end of January 2024. 


Pour yourself a drink (or put the kettle on) and grab the popcorn. Get dressed up, or stay in your comfy clothes! This is YOUR festival experience and we say anything goes.

Keep the festive vibes going before and after the show with our Made in the West After Party playlist on Spotify. This HUGE collection of over 550 songs is the playlist we’ll have on repeat when we celebrate the end of the 2023 festival season and the biggest celebration of Western Sydney films we’ve hosted yet.


Follow the filmmakers listed in our 2023 Online Program and tell them how much you love their films! Like, tag, post, share and comment about your favourite films on social media to show your support.

While you’re there, follow Made in the West Film Festival on FB or Insta as we celebrate with you! Share pics of your at-home festival experience with us using the hashtag #madeinthewest


If you are having technical issues with accessing the MEGA Move Marathon please email Made in the West for assistance.


We're super proud to be streaming online our fourth annual Made in the West and we hope you can tune in over the summer holidays – we think you will agree that the short films in this year’s line-up are just incredible! You’re in for a treat! 

We've been saying for YEARS that Western Sydney filmmakers are some of the best in the country and their films deserve to be seen on an international stage. Our MEGA Movie Marathon is all about ensuring that can happen. 

We’re so proud of this year’s festival films!


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