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Our Online MEGA Movie Marathon kicks off FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER AT 8PM AEDT and streams on demand throughout December and January.

It's the perfect option for anyone who can't make it to the cinema on festival night, or any long distance friends and family interstate or overseas, or anyone who's just keen to stay home and enjoy the show from the couch.

Featuring the FULL marathon festival lineup of 18 short films made by indie and student filmmakers from Western Sydney, plus red carpet highlights from the in-cinema festival and interviews with the filmmakers, Made in the West is bringing its 3-hour annual film extravaganza to viewers at home.

STAY TUNED until the end of the show and we'll share the link for our ONLINE AUDIENCE VOTE so you can decide the winner of the People's Choice Award.

For just $5 USD you can take part in Sydney's most exciting short film festival from anywhere in the world!

It's time to grab some popcorn and settle in on your couch, out on the patio, in your pool chair, by the fire, or the family BBQ – wherever you are, in Australia or abroad – because we're here with another fantastic line-up of Aussie films and music for you to enjoy.

Check out the program below and click on the social links to follow the filmmakers online.
Download our handy at-home program to
help keep track of your favourite films and get ready to VOTE for for your favourites!

Congratulations to the ALL the filmmakers

featured in the 2023 Official Selection!

A Corps.png

A Corps in the Spotlight

After You Productions

This period piece explores a ballerina who is lost in the forest after fleeing chaos in the city. In a moment of weakness, the dancer cherishes her old ballet slippers and briefly escapes this dark world.



Bus Stop Films

Keen to sell their arcade, Ana and Alex are expecting a visit from an eccentric videogame collector. As they await the collector's arrival, videogame villain Dr Malicious escapes from his digital confinement to wreak havoc on the physical world. Will Alex and Ana see through Dr Malicious's schemes before it’s too late?



Aaron Waite

Aspiring social media sensation, Lilly, persuades her sceptical friends to join her in a remote forest. Her objective: to chain herself to a tree and live-stream a protest against deforestation, all for an increased online following. As darkness blankets the isolated woodland, excitement turns to fear. Eerie sounds and an encroaching fog herald eerie encounters. Chained and alone, Lilly confronts a horrifying ordeal as a sinister entity draws near. In this harrowing night, Lilly's pursuit of internet fame spirals into a fight for her life, blurring the line between her digital aspirations and a terrifying reality.

Death 2 Vinyl.png

Death2Vinyl: Raj Mahal

Matthew D. Taylor

Death2Vinyl is the lead single off of Boston-born, Sydney-Based rapper Raj Mahal's upcoming album.


Fields: Ashli

Ashley Dawes

"Fields" is a visual metaphor of an individual traversing the rugged landscape that is the ‘mind-field’. Scattered with the trenches and gulleys of heartbreak and disappointment as a result of a lost love, the video portrays the protagonist navigating her way through this terrain. It is a showcase of the stages of healing; the burning, breaking, lonely and messy mental landscapes of heartbreak.


Hantu: Dyan Tai

Shaun Parker

Filmed in a hidden Sydney industrial warehouse, 'HANTU' is a stunning music video by Dyan Tai, featuring an all-Asian cast of Queer performers and allies. 'HANTU,' the Malaysian and Indonesian word for 'spirit or ghost,' reimagines Dyan's otherworldly character confronting hate and oppression, rising like a phoenix to protect. An empowering electronic anthem, 'HANTU' explores queer liberation and blends Dyan's multicultural heritage. This experimental pop single combines Malaysian and Indonesian soundscapes, delicate Tuvan throat singing, and dynamic performances by Sydney's top street dancers. Captivating and compelling, 'HANTU' is a mesmerising celebration of Queer empowerment.


Heather's Diary: Monstress

Sarah Homeh

Accompanying Monstress’ single release ‘Heather’s Diary’ is a captivating music video that skillfully pays homage to the beloved tropes of 80s horror cinema, all under the direction of talented filmmaker Clarence Lin Thein. Set to the sonic intensity of the single, this music video follows a group of friends embarking on a journey through a haunted house, setting the stage for a night of camp, fun-loving terror.

No Film Sets.png

No Film Sets in Bankstown

Alex Dona

A young director has his eyes set on shooting his debut short film in his home town of Bankstown, but the forces of a city that has seen very few film sets combine to get in his way.

Olden Eyes.png

Olden Eyes: Bineal Roy

Cristobal Olguin

'OIden Eyes' is based on the idea that throughout lifetimes, we meet the same people and although they are in different bodies, their eyes remain the same, enabling us to recognise them.



Emily Sutcliffe

Lewis has a secret, a terrifying, bloodthirsty secret. Racked with guilt after attacking the people closest to him, he seeks help from his therapist to delve into his past and regain control of his actions and choices.

Sweet Moments.png

Sweet Moments: Cosmo Blue

Luke Walker

Sweet Moments is the latest music video by Cosmo Blue.

The Crab.png

The Crab Pamilya

Thomas Fleming

Michael, a half-Filipino, half-Australian adolescent struggles with his identity growing up in a household with two cultural backgrounds. He feels his creative talents as an artist are not recognised by his family members. He has applied to a prestigious art school overseas where he sees himself in the foreseeable future. His older sister, Isabella, has just graduated from university as a nurse. A respectable job in the Filipino family hierarchy but not what she desires and her parents celebrate her success with a family barbecue, which causes tension between the two siblings.



Jack Voegt

Lance can't seem to shake an awkward encounter after a stranger touches his hair.

Tony_s Dream .png

Tony's Dream

Augusto Garcia

Antonio 'Tony' Gutierrez, a Latin-American Australian kid is struggling to adapt to the new culture of his new country. In a moment of identity crisis, Tony travels through his dreams to find the answer to his sense of belonging.

Too Many Ethnics.png

Too Many Ethnics

Vonne Patiag

The epic quest of three best friends surviving trials of racism, love and friendship in the long line to get into an exclusive nightclub.

Worlds Collide.png

When Worlds Collide

Ian Escandor

A snobby electronic dance producer, an ancient folk singer, and obnoxious 80’s guitarist compete for who is the loudest. Each musician shows off their craft and their instrument of choice until challenged by opposing sounds. Who will win?

When you go for a take .png

When You Go For A Take

Martin Yeung

We've all been there. Before the director calls action, the set is quiet as the wind. All phones are on silent, all flights are grounded, and no lawn mowers are in operation. Then the moment they call action, ALL the helicopters, wood chippers and dogs of the world come barking at once. The take is basically unsalvageable, but THE MOMENT they call cut... Peace and tranquility.

Yours truly .png

Yours Truly

NJ Hartley

A girl decides to write a suicide letter after her father goes to sleep, however her intentions are not so innocent as we think.

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