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Get ready for Made in the West 2020 ONLINE

We’re just 48 HRS away from launching Made in the West Online Film Festival!

Have you booked your tickets yet? You’d better get onto it now because you don’t want to miss this ONE TIME ONLY festival event!

The show goes live via private link this SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER at 2pm AEDT and you will have 24 hours to watch the festival from home. If you live outside Australia, then you can find out when Made in the West goes live in your part of the world here.

It’s the first time EVER that Made in the West Film Festival is screening online for you to watch at home! You can snap up your last minute tickets here.

Strap in for THE BEST 3-hour movie marathon of your life! Featuring a jam-packed line-up of exciting, hilarious and thought-provoking short films made by Aussie filmmakers from the heartlands of Sydney.

We’ve captured all the excitement from the red carpet and highlights of the event for you to enjoy from home. You’ll even get to meet a few Western Sydney filmmakers along the way!

The 2020 Online Festival Program features a bumper line-up of ALL 28 finalist films from the Made in the West 2020 program, plus links to follow the filmmakers on FB, Twitter & Instagram.

Follow the filmmakers online and you’ll see all their behind-the-scenes pics from our TWO in-cinema events last weekend! Tag them when you’re watching the show online and tell them how much you loved seeing their film in the festival!

At the end of the night, remember to vote for your favourite film in our LIVE ONLINE AUDIENCE VOTE!

How great is it that 2020 has pushed us all to find ways to access the arts and culture that we love online? We seriously live in the future! The best part is that now all those folks who couldn’t make it to the festival at Event Cinemas before, can now join in the fun of Made in the West from home!

We couldn’t be more excited to be presenting the best short films of the year made by Western Sydney filmmakers to new audiences this year, right around the globe!

For most of you, this is probably your first time attending an online film festival like ours. Welcome!

We’re guessing you might have a few questions about how to set yourself up for a good night and how to make the most of this festival experience.

We’ve got you covered with some of our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below.


Purchase your ticket for Made in the West Online Film Festival here. Tickets are $5 (+ bf) for a HUGE 3-hour short film line-up that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world!

*Note: Made in the West is an R18+ event. Many of the films will contain mature content and this means that all of the usual things (including L,S,A,D,V) will likely make an appearance at some point throughout the show. Sorry kids, this one’s for the grown-ups only!

Ticket sales close 3hrs before the end of the screening -- 11am on Sunday will be your final chance to book tickets and watch this 3-hour extravaganza! Get in now and BOOK YOUR TICKETS EARLY so that we can send you instructions and get you ready for the big event.


We’ll send a private link to each ticket holder VIA EMAIL on Saturday 28 November at 2pm AEDT..

Check that you are receiving your Eventbrite ticket reminders as they will tell you how to access the private link online. If you cannot see your Eventbrite confirmation email then you might want to go hunting in your junk mail / spam folder to find it.

You will access the link VIA YOUR EVENTBRITE TICKET email and you will have 24 hours to view the event.

Access via desktop or laptop computer, your smart TV, tablet or mobile phone - any device with access to the internet will do! Your viewing experience will be better with a big screen, but a small screen will work just fine.

Note: At the end of the show we’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite film. In order to vote you will need to scan the QR code on screen or search for the voting website displayed on screen. You will find it easiest to do this from a second screen, ideally your mobile phone.


The show goes live via private link this SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER at 2pm AEDT and you will have 24 hours to watch the festival from home. If you live outside Australia, then use this time zone converter to find out when we go live in your part of the world.

For our friends and family around the world, here’s a quick reference list! Made in the West Online Film Festival will be LIVE and available for you to watch between these times:

California, USA (PST): 7pm Friday 27 November to 7pm Saturday

Florida, USA (EST): 10pm Friday 27 November to 10pm Saturday

London, UK (GMT): 3am Saturday 28 November to 3am Sunday

Bratislava, SK (CET): 4am Saturday 28 November to 4am Sunday

Perth, WA (AWST) : 11am Saturday 28 November to 11am Sunday

Brisbane, QLD (AEST): 1pm Saturday 28 November to 1pm Sunday

Sydney, NSW (AEDT): 2pm Saturday 28 November to 2pm Sunday

Auckland, NZ (NZDT): 4pm Saturday 28 November to 4pm Sunday

Find out when Made in the West Online Film Festival goes live in your part of the world here.


Pour yourself a drink (or put the kettle on) and grab the popcorn! Get dressed up, or stay in your comfy clothes! This is YOUR festival experience and we say anything goes.

Made the West Online Film Festival is the ultimate Covid-Safe fIlm festival experience, so we say go for it and let loose!

Keep the festive vibes going before and after the show with our Made in the West After Party playlist on Spotify. This HUGE collection of over 300 songs is the playlist we’ll have on repeat when we celebrate the end of the 2020 festival and the biggest celebration of Western Sydney films that we’ve hosted yet. Oh yes, there will be dancing!


Follow the filmmakers listed in our 2020 Online Festival Program and tell them how much you love their films! Like, tag, post, share and comment about your favourite films on social media to show your support.

While you’re there, follow Made in the West Film Festival on FB or Insta too and you'll see us celebrating with you!

Share pics of your at-home festival experience with us using the hashtag #madeinthewest


Made in the West Online Film Festival includes 3 x 1-hour segments of films with a pause break for intermission between each one.

Your host will tell you when it’s time to pause your screen so you can take a bathroom break, top up your drink and snacks bowl, then jump back in to the next segment when you’re ready.

The total running time is 3-hours and it includes 28 short films plus highlights from the red carpet and interviews with the filmmakers.

At the end of the show, we will ask you to vote for your favourite film to help us determine the winner of the 2020 People’s Choice Award.


For those of you with the stamina to make it to the end, you will be rewarded with an opportunity to vote for the 2020 People’s Choice Award.

Your vote could be the one that decides our final winner! The judges have selected our first round of 2020 award winners (spoiler alert!), but now it's up to YOU to determine the final award of the festival -- the 2020 People's Choice Award!

Your host will explain what to do!

You will see the instructions on your screen to scan the QR code or log in to our voting website. Put in the pin number and then vote for your favourite film -- it’s super easy!

Once voting closes, we’ll tally up the votes and reveal who won. Stay tuned to our news blog or our FB and Insta channels so you can see the announcement live online!


We know that technology can sometimes get in the way of our good time, so we thought we would outline some things to help with trouble-shooting.

  • If you don’t receive your link to access Made in the West Online Film Festival on the day, please check the junk folder in your email inbox. If you still cannot seem to locate it, email Made in the West and we will send it to you again.

  • If the link doesn't work or is broken, try refreshing your page or try another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Made in the West Online Film Festival is available for 24 hours ONLY from 2pm AEDT Saturday 28 November. Ticket sales end at 11am AEDT Sunday, three hours before the curtains come down on Made in the West 2020.

  • Make sure you allow enough time to finish watching before it disappears!

If you are having technical issues with accessing the Online Film Festival please email us at Made in the West for assistance.


We’ve been saying for YEARS that Made in the West films deserve to be seen internationally and we’re thrilled to be making that happen in 2020.

We think you will agree that the short films in this year’s line-up are just incredible. And if there’s anything 2020 has taught us all, it’s that we LOVE having access to the world’s best cultural events from home!

You’re in for a treat -- join us on the couch and online this weekend!

We’ll see you there.


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