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FINALISTS ANNOUNCED! 2017 Made in the West Finalists

Made In The West Film Festival is pleased to announce the finalists for 2017!

Congratulations to all Western Sydney filmmakers on another outstanding year producing films! We received a record number of submissions this year and truly wish we could include you all in the final line-up!

From finding your crew to screening your finished product, we know exactly how much work goes into making a short film (even if the result is only a few minutes long) and we congratulate you all for putting in the days, weeks (months!) of effort that is needed to pull together a successful short film project. Bravo!

In 2017, Made in the West Film Festival will feature 18 short films by local filmmakers in our local area. While the films have come in from all over the Sydney greater region, all of them share one thing in common: they feature a cast member, crew member or location from Western Sydney.

This year's program is a mixed bag, as always! You'll see comedy and feel-good films, plenty of doco’s, drama, mockumentary, science fiction and this year, even some thrillers. The films are definitely gutsy, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments among them – not to mention a very noticeable shift to films making a social comment.

Oh, and did we tell you Made in the West is an R+ rated event? It's not without reason! There's plenty of D V S L and some A in there too.

Without YOU (the audience!), we wouldn't be able to do what we do. To say thanks, the decision of who wins the coveted Audience Choice Award lays squarely in your hands. Come along and at the end of the night you’ll get to vote for your favourite film and send someone home with a trophy! Plus there are door prizes (#booze) up for grabs!

Who is in the running to win, you ask? Well, without further ado, let us reveal…

Still Searchin' Productions is proud to announce the 2017 MADE IN THE WEST FILM FESTIVAL F I N A L I S T S !

1. A Note To Self – Submitted by Gonzalo Cappielli (Indie)

2. A Year Without Play – Submitted by David Hoey (Student: AFTRS)

3. ¡Act Now! – Submitted by Roxie Vuong (Indie)

4. Actual Size – Submitted by Jonathan Champ (Student: AFTRS)

5. Bring It – Submitted by Liam Campbell (Student: Sydney Film School)

6. Curated Illusions – Submitted by Rachael Belle Myers (Indie: Jaded Belle Productions)

7. Happy Guy – Submitted by Rebecca Greensill (Indie: Flying Man Films)

8. I Found You – Submitted by Monique Googh (Student: WSU)

9. I’m Here Too – Submitted by Brendan Byrne (Indie: Shadow Wolves Productions)

10. Mounty County: Stories From Dawson Mall – Submitted by Timothy Malin (Student: WSU)

11. Navigate – Submitted by Nilendra Fonseka (Student: New York Film Academy)

12. Panopticon – Submitted by Emily O’Brien (Student: Sydney Film School)

13. Streets of Sydney: Western Suburbs – Submitted by Sebastian Antoniou (Indie: More Chillis Productions)

14. The Bag – Submitted by UNSW Cinematic Society (Student: UNSW)

15. Where Is Damien Stafford? – Submitted by Alex Dona (Indie: Black94)

16. Wild Dances – Submitted by Bina Bhattacharya (Indie: Gemme de la Femme Pictures)

17. Window – Submitted by Vonne Patiag (Indie: VIP Films)

18. Windscreens: The Australian Dream – Submitted by Alex Dona (Indie: Black94)

Congratulations to all of the 2017 finalists! Your films are currently with the judges – awaiting their highly anticipated feedback. We will have news of your nominations early next week so stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, don’t forget to RSVP to our event! And keep your eye out here because we'll be announcing this year’s prize packages very soon… and we think you'll be pretty impressed with the haul of goodies our winners will take home this year!

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