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Student designer delivers out of this world artwork

The team at Made in the West is thrilled to reveal the 2023 festival poster! Isn’t it gorgeous?

When we sent through the brief for this year’s artwork to the team at Burrow Studio and said we wanted something out of this world, we weren’t expecting THIS!!

Featuring beautiful pastel colours and vibrant futuristic elements that meld beautifully in an underwater and otherworldly space, we think it perfectly encapsulates the bold new world we find ourselves nurturing here among the creative community of Western Sydney.

Louisa Le is a Western Sydney University (WSU) student currently completing her final year of study in her Visual Communications degree and loves to challenge herself creatively.

“I took the opportunity to be creative, have fun, experiment and try something new and I believe that energy was reflected in the final poster design.”

Louisa drew her inspiration from a childhood book she had read about Laika, the first dog in space. After spending some time researching other animals that have entered space, Louisa finally landed on something that stuck: guppies!

“It surprised me that many of these animals weren't talked about in the media as much as Laika, which I thought was similar to how the region of Western Sydney is viewed, kind of, under the radar or forgotten due to the sort of outshining figure of inner Sydney.”

As Louisa grew up in Liverpool, she has sentimental a link to Made in the West’s home turf and this only motivated her even more to make the best poster possible.

We could not be more proud to have Louisa’s poster up under the bright lights of EVENT Cinemas this year, and It’s especially sweet that Louisa can share her art with her hometown!

“It feels like probably my proudest moment as a junior designer. One of my goals in life is to pass through an area I frequent most and see something I've made be on display. I never thought it would be this soon!”

Something tells us this won’t be the last time either. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Louisa’s work around town in future!

Want to follow Louisa’s journey? You can check out Louisa’s online portfolio here and follow her on Instagram @winter_solsticee_.

We’re so excited that this beautiful and sentimental design will be the lead artwork throughout this year’s celebrations at the 12th annual Made in the West Film Festival.

Are you interested in following in Louisa’s creative design footsteps? Learn more about WSU’s Visual Communication degrees here.

WSU School Humanities and Communications Arts have been working with the team at Made in the West to provide industry experience and connections for students in their Creative Industries and Communication Arts degrees.

As our Gold+ Screen Sponsor, their contribution to the festival means we are able to ensure Made in the West continues celebrating Western Sydney stories on screen and finding new opportunities for WSU students to get involved.

We love working with the next generation of creative artists and inspiring them to dream big with us here in Western Sydney.

Join us on the red carpet on Saturday the 25 November at Event Cinemas, Liverpool - tickets are FREE and will open online in early November, just before we announce this year’s finalists.

And for those of you reading this from out of town our online festival will be available on demand from the 1 December. You’ll have all summer to pull up on the couch and watch Western Sydney’s best short films! You’ll even get a chance to vote for your favourite!

Keep an eye out for details of our online festival coming soon.

We can’t believe it’s almost November already! Where did the last few months go??

It’s time to get your masterpieces finished and submit your film to Made in the West so we can include your film in this year’s killer lineup of local stories.

Submissions close Friday 27 October midnight so get your films in soon!

If you’ve made a short film featuring cast, crew or locations from Western Sydney, ENTER YOUR FILM NOW! We could be screening YOUR FILM on the 3-storey Vmax cinema screen at EVENT Cinemas this November!!

We’re so excited! See you there.


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