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2016 Made in the West FINALISTS announced!!

MADE IN THE WEST FILM FESTIVAL is pleased to announce this year's festival finalists!

Congratulations to all Western Sydney filmmakers on another outstanding year producing films. We had a record number of entries for the festival this year and we wish we could include you all in the program!

We know just how much work goes into making short films (even if the result is only a few minutes long) and we commend you all for putting in the days, weeks, months of effort that was needed to get yours finished. Bravo!

2015 finalists

In 2016, Made in the West Film Festival will feature 17 short films made in our local area, by local filmmakers. While the films have come in from all over the Sydney greater region, all of them share one thing in common -- they feature a cast member, crew member or location from Western Sydney.

This year's program is a mixed bag, as always! You'll see comedy and action films, documentary, drama, silent movies and animation. The films are definitely gutsy, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments among them.

Oh, and did we tell you Made in the West is an R+ rated event?? Well it is, and it's not without reason! There's plenty of D V S L and some A in there too.

So, join us at the Paddo RSL on the night of Thursday 1st December for a marathon short film screening and support the Western Sydney film scene.

Without YOU (the audience!), we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

PLUS, BONUS: You'll get to vote for your favourite film at the end of the night and send someone home with a trophy!

Who might win, you ask?

Well.... without further ado, allow us to reveal the good news!

Still Searchin' Productions is proud to announce the 2016 MADE IN THE WEST FILM FESTIVAL

F I N A L I S T S !!

1. An Audience To Behold – Submitted by Scott Connor (student: WSU)

2. Blood Eagle – Submitted by Mikaela Suhle (student: WSU)

3. Bleeding Backs – Submitted by Matthew C. Vella (student: UTS)

4. Busting – Submitted by Donna Hogan (student: UNSW)

5. First World Problems – Submitted by Rachael Belle Myers (Indie: Jaded Belle Productions)

6. Friend or Faux? – Submitted by Timothy Cheeseman (student: MQU)

7. How To Speak English – Submitted by Tiffany Liu (student: AIT)

8. Impact – Submitted by Chris Collins (student: UTS)

9. Life’s A Drag – Submitted by Robin Queree (Indie: ScottMcQ Productions)

10. Man vs Possum – Submitted by Brendan Wacher (independent)

11. Mum Life – Submitted by Jade Garcia (student: CSU)

12. Oscar is Fucked - Submitted by David Owen-Clarke (student: WSU)

13. Pillow Talk – Submitted by Scott Sowter (Indie: Problem Child Productions)

14. Talking Shit – Submitted by Gonzalo Cappielli (Indie: initi8)

15. The Briefcase – Submitted by Rah Sharma (Indie: Prolive Productions)

16. The Dunny – Submitted by William Cattell (Independent)

17. Yang – Submitted by Vonnie Patiag (Indie: VIP Films)

Congratulations to all of the 2016 finalists!!

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