Can't make it to the festival in-person this year? We've got you sorted!

Made in the West ONLINE Film Festival is a 48-hour film fest you can enjoy from home!


Strap in for a jam-packed three-hour movie marathon featuring all 21 festival films, highlights from the red carpet, interviews with local filmmakers and all the excitement from the festival.

Online festival kicks off FRIDAY 10 DECEMBER AT 5PM AEDT (see here for time zone converter)

Reserve your ticket and we'll send you the private link -- you will have 48 hours to watch the full show!

Tickets are $9 per person / $15 per household -- BOOK NOW via Eventbrite.


So grab some popcorn and settle in on the couch for some of the best short films Australia has to offer.

Western Sydney filmmakers are creating cutting-edge content right now and you've got front row seats to the biggest night of the year for local film. 

Check out the program below and click on the social links to follow the filmmakers during the festival!

Download and print your at-home program here to keep track of your favourite films.

Stay tuned until the end of the show and we'll give you the QR code link to cast your vote for the 2021 People's Choice Award!


A Girl's Best Friend

Alex Dona

A couple, deep in love, make quite unusual requests of one another.


Apology: Jei Young & Líl Ním

Mitchell Webb-Leifi

This song is an apology letter on behalf of the youth in Western Sydney noting that we are young and we make mistakes, but we are trying to learn from those mistakes and better ourselves so that one day our dreams - whatever they may be - can become a reality.

Cunts Fucked.png

Cunts Fucked: Plants

Shaye Fox

Aussie rockers Plants return with their most upfront single to date - Cunts Fucked. Off of the brand new EP Vacuumed Half to Deaf, available streaming everywhere. Pictured throughout is a series of legends.

Good as Gold .png

Good as Gold: Esky

Ian Escandor

A music video about love and loss, and the courage that comes with it. The story follows a boy mustering up the confidence to spark a conversation with the girl next door.


Intelligent Design

Ben Mizzi

In a world where you can design your own baby, where do you even start? Intelligent Design is a speculative rom-com about creative potential and the impotence of overwhelming choice.



Noel Vinson

Mr. Gordon, living with dementia, struggles to make sense of the woman who routinely intrudes on his daily life, a live-in caregiver named Jane.

Kind Enough to Wait.png

Kind Enough to Wait: Bohifale

Lawrence Ola

Alex wonders aimlessly through the city, going through the motions (and emotions) of where things lie with someone from their past. This is Bohifale's debut music video.

Midnight Stories Morgan.png

Midnight Stories: Morgan

Ryan Cauchi

Midnight Stories is a 1-minute anthology series which adapts ghost stories, creepy folklore and urban legends for a young adult audience. This episode is a modern retelling of the 'Vanishing Hitchhiker' urban legend.

Operation Kung Flu.png

Operation Kung Flu

Maria Tran

When a cop from the eighties wakes up in the year of the Covid pandemic, she finds that racism is rampant and justice is scarce. She is sent on a mission to rescue a group of Asians who have been kidnapped by ASS-HOLS – an organisation hell-bent on stopping the spread of the virus by resorting to extreme measures and Kung Fu!

Refused .png

Refused Classification

Chris Elena

Three people will spend twelve minutes being judged by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Remember My Name.png

Remember My Name: #Hashtags

Justine Kacir

Christie Umbacks' life is slowly fading into obscurity, not that she would admit it - but everyone else can see it. She's 30 (ish) with no job, no boyfriend, no money and no real prospects... but what she does have is ambition! After the seed of celebrity is planted, she embarks on a journey to become a star.

Stick it.png

Stick It

Dominic Colucci

A man comes face to face with drawings he drew in his youth - and they've got a few questions and complaints!

Detecgtion 2.png

The Detection: Vengeance

Luca Pezzutti

A contemporary crime short about an enraged detective who wants to inflict his vengeance on a ruthless assassin for murdering his father.



Cat Sole

A recreation of the famous business card scene from American Psycho, but it's a group of D&D players comparing dice.

Towel Head .png

Towel Head

Raeanne Chami

In south west Sydney, Layla is preparing for a new audition that can determine the rest of her future. Engulfed by self-doubt, she is turned away from the audition of her dreams.

Toy Boy.png

Toy Boy

Nicole Delprado

In a world where human-to-human relationships are illegal, a young woman questions what it means to feel love when you can build your perfect partner.



Cat Sole

A young artist contemplates the struggles and joys of the creative process. Also there are trains.

Vanilla Skies.png

Vanilla Skies: GET THA GAT

Michael Restifo

Vanilla Skies is the fantasy of one day fulfilling all of our hopes, dreams and desires. Moving forward and reaching for the goals we set out. We can dwell on the pain from our past relationships but we ultimately must let go of what weighs us down to keep moving forward. Taking one step at a time towards a better place.

We're Family.png

We're Family: Rosita Vai and Lady Lyric

Gabriel Faatau'uu-Satiu

The theme song from the popular web series, Breaking Bread.

What you see.png

What You See: Parvyn

Bina Bhattacharya

A mysterious journey through illusion, perception, shapeshifting, light and dark, old and new, colourful and monochrome that challenges us to recognise our subjectivities - our lived experience, our culture, our race, our tastes and our perception.



Laneikka Denne

Ex has just broken up with Lover; it’s blissful chaos, everything feels lukewarm and illogical. YÉYÉ demystifies the overemotional stereotype around queer female break ups and questions whether we ever really move on from our lovers, when they’re also our best-friends.