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#WesternSydneyFilm Online Networking this October!

Did you miss the last networking event? Want to catch up for some local filmmaker updates and chat about what you have been working on?

Meet up with us on THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER at 7.30pm for the latest networking event with WSF ONE!

It’s time to renew your Zoom subscription, dust off those headphones, check your mic isn't on mute and join us online for the next #WesternSydneyFilm Online Networking Event!

Proudly hosted by Still Searchin’ Productions, Western Sydney Filmmakers Hangout and Made in the West Film Festival - we’re teaming up once again to get everyone together, chat about our passion projects, share skills and experiences, and hopefully find some new crew members in that true #westie spirit of collaboration.

There are so many interesting artists and creatives that work on films out West, from directors and DOPs, to editors and actors, musicians working on sound and score, writers, animators, foley artists, and student filmmakers – everyone’s unique and if anything, WSF ONE has taught us is that most of us are slashies!

It’s so inspiring to spend time with other creatives and hear how they are approaching the challenges of creative life and kicking goals in local productions.

We last caught up in August a few months ago, so it’s time to check in and see how you’re going with your latest project! Plus, it’s not long now before the end of the year - which means Made in the West is just around the corner.

Have you heard?? Made in the West is returning to the Vmax cinema screen at Event Cinemas in Liverpool this November!! SAVE THE DATE for Saturday 26 November and join us on the red carpet for the biggest night of the year for #WesternSydneyFilm!

So what are you working on right now? Are you looking for collaborators? Need some inspiration to kick into action on your production? Come along and tell us about your latest work and get inspired to GET IT DONE in the months ahead.

Great things can happen in our community when we connect and talk about our ideas and filmmaking practice. We love feeling inspired by the work everyone is doing and we know we’ll all walk away with a renewed sense of determination for our own projects.

We’ll be Zooming into your lounge room and onto a screen near you on THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER at 7.30pm! You can access the event via your browser on desktop, tablet or mobile phone - anything goes!

This time around we will be joined by some very special guests including:

Writer, actor and director Prudence Bernadette from Prudent Pictures who busy working on her latest short film Lipstick and just recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. You may have seen her last short film Ps Get Degrees at Made in the West Film Festival in 2020. We’re looking forward to catching up on her latest projects!

Actor, director and kick ass fight choreographer Maria Tran from Phoenix Eye Film Productions joins us while she’s back in Sydney from her recent stint in Las Vegas. She’s just finished a crowdfunder for the final distribution of her latest feature film Echo 8 and is soon to be on stage in the OzAsia Festival with her theatre show Action Star. You might remember Maria from her short films Operation Kung Flu, My Mother, the Action Star and Huli Jing, which have all screened at Made in the West in recent years. She is also one half of the team at Acting for Mindfulness, a game changing program for actors and artists from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Student filmmaker and creative photographer Nataly Thompson who is studying a Bachelor of Design and Media Arts Production at WSU and interning for Bus Stop Films. You might have seen Nataly on crew with us at Made in the West in recent years too – she’ll be snapping pics on the red carpet this year too! We’re keen to talk to her about being a film student these days and what it’s been like breaking into the industry.

And of course we’ll be chatting to filmmaker Matthew C. Vella, everyone’s favourite networking champion at Western Sydney Filmmakers Hangout and podcast producer at Upcoming Attractions. He’s just released his latest award-winning short film She’s Not Your Type online and the media storm he’s whipped up is pretty impressive! We’re looking forward to hearing all about it.

Of course, in between these filmmaker spotlight interviews there will be time for everyone to meet a few other people on the call - slowly, at first - and before long you’ll be making your way across the Zoom room faster and faster to meet a bunch of great folks and your new fave local filmmakers.

Note: Meeting people at any networking event is daunting, but online networking with #WesternSydneyFilm is totally fun! The event is a unique blend of three elements: a live TV show with guest interviews, a Zoom party with random breakout rooms for smaller group chats, and a Choose-Your-own-Adventure-style interactive game, complete with alternate endings!

From Campbelltown to Parrramatta, Bankstown to The Hills, and from Strathfield all the way out west to Penrith and the Blue Mountains - all filmmakers are welcome to join us. If you’re a filmmaker who lives outside of Western Sydney and you want to work with some of us on a project, then you can certainly join us too.

Get ready to reconnect with old filmmaker friends, network with new potential collaborators and find out what’s been happening in the #WesternSydneyFilm scene. There are so many great people who are part of the Western Sydney film scene to meet and discover!

Join the #WesternSydneyFilm community for a night of talking shop and sharing advice, and hopefully having a few laughs as we meet a bunch of other filmmaking peeps.

Register for your FREE ticket here and we’ll send you a secret link to access the online networking event for #WesternSydneyFilm

We’re looking forward to catching up!


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