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Announcing the 2022 Official Selection!

It seems like just yesterday we were all gathered in Event Cinemas Liverpool, showcasing Western Sydney’s best short films and the talented filmmakers who created them. It was our tenth birthday last year and we had a blast celebrating with you all – we can’t believe it’s nearly time to do it all over again!

This year we’re celebrating our 11th annual Made in the West Film Festival and today we are pleased to reveal this year’s Official Selection!

Please put your hands together and give a HUGE round of applause to each and every one of this year’s filmmakers because they deserve your congratulations. Bravo, to all of the 2022 filmmaker entrants - you are ALL rockstars!

The festival received 50 short films this year, all of which were made in Western Sydney or feature cast or crew members who hail from the region. We think that’s pretty impressive!

Plus, there’s a fresh and exciting wave of emerging filmmakers making their way onto the scene right now, telling bold and insightful stories with all the heart you have come to expect from Western Sydney film scene.

This year’s line-up will challenge you, make you laugh, have you grooving in your seat, get you all riled up and then rip your bloody heart out - which is exactly what we have come to expect of Western Sydney filmmakers! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

The films #represent so much of the diversity in our growing community (shout out to the many queer and Asian creatives out there!), plus we love that there are plenty of new music videos being made too. Of course, all the usual suspects also make an appearance with lots of drama, webseries and horror, and even some comedy and animation shorts too.

All nineteen films will screen at Made in the West on Saturday 26 November at Event Cinemas Liverpool. Doors open at 6pm!

Without further ado, we proudly present the 2022 Official Selection!

  1. An Orange And The Eye - Submitted by Chrishantha Fernando

  2. Arco's World - Submitted by Kasey Medeiros

  3. Baby Dole - Submitted by Katrina Lay

  4. Because of Ava - Submitted by Laura Bucci

  5. Blame The Ovens - Submitted by Ali Sayed

  6. Bogan Moths - Submitted by Pete Ireland

  7. DO IT 4U: Dyan Tai feat. AnSo - Submitted by Shaun Parker

  8. Domesticated - Submitted by Valentin Lang

  9. Head in a Jar: Suburban Witchcraft - Submitted by Shaye Fox

  10. Hello My Name is Mother Nature - Submitted by Pamela Manos

  11. I Don't Get You: Particles - Submitted by Luke Walker

  12. Leopard - Submitted by Kamil Domaradzki

  13. My Gift - Submitted by Michael Raso

  14. Only One: Ashli - Submitted by Ashley Dawes

  15. Seen - Submitted by Sharon Mani

  16. Springbound - Submitted by Clarence Thein

  17. Tales from the Dark Web: Moira Hill - Submitted by Ryan Cauchi

  18. Things That Go Bump: Machine on a Break - Submitted by Luke Agius

  19. Yannis - Submitted by James Elazzi

Congratulations to the 2022 Official Selection!

We’re excited for you all and we’re looking forward to screening your amazing films at Made in the West Film Festival this year, in person at Event Cinemas on Saturday 26 November and all throughout summer for our Online Festival.

Ultimately, we think ALL of the filmmakers that submitted a film this year deserve your congratulations. From concept to creation, we know exactly how much work goes into making a film (even if the result is only a few minutes long!) and so we salute you all for putting in the days, weeks, and months of effort that is needed to pull together a successful project.

We can’t say it enough -- Western Sydney filmmakers have got undeniable talent!

In the tradition of giving kudos where it’s due, we want to tell you about a few films that were right on the cusp of selection. They are students and emerging filmmakers who are putting out such amazing work now in their early careers that we know for sure that we haven’t seen the last of them. We think they deserve an honourable mention:

A Radical Hope - Submitted by Zebedee Parkes

Bridging the Gap - Submitted by Sonny Yng

Last Call for Us - Submitted by Nazeem Hartley

We wish we could include you in the festival, but of course we are always limited by the duration of our event. Over six hours of content came our way this year, but only 2.5 hours will make it to the big screen this November.

Brace yourselves! This year’s festival will be jam-packed, with two segments of finalist films, nine individual awards, two intermissions for mingling / chatting about the line up / finding your next collaborator, four major trophies, $10K in prizes and plenty of love for the Western Sydney film community.

Our huge Vmax cinema seats 330 people very comfortably (hello luxe leather arm chairs!) and includes access to the bar (hello espresso martinis!) and a massive three storey screen with surround sound (only the finest for this year’s Official Selection!)

Tickets are FREE for general admission, with the option to reserve some of the best seats in the house for 20 bucks. All proceeds go toward helping SSP run the best night of the year for the Western Sydney film community. We’ll see you on the red carpet!

Stay tuned because tickets open in a few days!

Speaking of great seats, if you’re keen to get reserved seating PLUS buy your way into the winners circle, then you can purchase one of our VIP Exclusive tickets! Here’s your chance to mingle with special guests at our exclusive Pre-Festival Party with champagne upon arrival, reserved seating during the screening and awards, plus a VIP lanyard that gets you popcorn and soft drinks all night.

It will set you back 100 smackeroonies, because exclusive access is rare! But really, this ticket is a donation to the festival and a way to show your support for Made in the West and what we do. All proceeds from ticket sales go towards event running costs.

For those of you who can’t join us at the cinema (or prefer to party at home these days), then we’re bringing the red carpet to you one week later and all throughout summer. Our Online Festival is getting a revamp this year, with 2022’s best short films available right throughout the sweet, sweet summer months.

No need to carpool or check-in, just make some popcorn and your favourite beverage then settle in for a 3-hour marathon event featuring all 19 finalist films plus highlights from the red carpet and interviews with Western Sydney filmmakers.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

So no matter where you are, if you’re tuning in for Made in the West this year then you’re in for a treat! Gather your friends, family, cast and crew, get some popcorn and a drink, then sit back and enjoy the show.

You can keep up with our latest news - including what's coming up as we Countdown to the Festival, plus catch up on our recent announcements about filmmaker prizes and Festival judges - right here on our news blog.

We’re looking forward to hosting you on the red carpet soon!



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