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Countdown to the festival!

We’re ten days out from this year's festival and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tickets are booking FAST so if you are planning to come to Made in the West 2018 and you haven’t yet reserved your FREE ticket -- get in quick!! There are less than 40 seats left in the entire cinema! And don't worry - we've checked it out - the views of the screen are GREAT from every seat.


JUDGES: Our judges have been working hard for us this week and their scores are due back to us tomorrow. We’re so impressed with the panel of judges we’ve put together this year -- all NINE of our our judges are great filmmakers themselves and we think they are wonderful success stories of the Western Sydney film industry. We‘ve already heard that they are LOVING your films, so congratulations everyone!

NOMINATIONS: Once the judges' scores are in, we’ll announce the nominations for our individual category prizes! Keep an eye out for the nominee announcements this weekend because YOU could be up for a swag of filmmaker prizes and all the accolades that come with winning the Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Sound Design, Best Original Score, Best Actress or Best Actor awards at Made in the West 2018.

FESTIVAL NIGHT: Be there at 6pm on Saturday 24 November at Event Cinemas in Liverpool. All finalists are invited to come and share a glass of champagne with the judges and sponsors at our VIP meet & greet – but don’t worry, if you're not in VIP there will still be plenty of people to meet and talk films with before we go into the cinema. The show starts at 6.30pm so don't be late!

RED CARPET: Dress to impress, folks! There will be several snappers in the room so be prepared to have your photo taken! Gather your cast & crew for a great photo memento of the night in front of our festival banners and watch as our TV camera crew interviews the finalists on the red carpet. We’ll share all the pics & interviews with you after the event on our website and social pages.

AWARDS: All 8 individual category prizes will be awarded throughout the night. We’ll be screening 14 awesome short films and while the judges will already have decided the winners of the top two trophies, YOU will also have the chance to put your film critic hat on and CAST YOUR VOTE for your favourite film. We’ll tally the votes in the final intermission and after we’ve handed out the Best Student Film and Best in the West trophies, we’ll present one of our finalists with the Audience Choice Award.


Check out our new FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for more info! You'll find running times and travel info and all sorts of other goodies over there.

Meanwhile, check back here for more announcements in the coming days!!


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