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If there is one thing you should be insanely excited about this month (insane in the good way not the murder your entire family with an egg beater kind of way) it is the Made in the West Film Festival! If you haven't already been following us through our journey over the years then let me give you the quick run down: Having started in 2012, Made in the West has been a fast growing film festival that strives on promoting and encouraging talented filmmakers throughout Western Sydney. As every year passes the festival grows bigger and better! And after the amazing success that was last year, Made in the West was lucky enough to grab some attention and gain sponsors. You know what that means right? This year is looking to be a game changer! With Green Key Studio and Television Sydney by our side, Made in the West will for the first time be introducing awards for the best of the best filmmakers who have entered the festival along with some fantastic prizes with a total worth of $1000 (but we'll get to that later!) This year entrants have the chance to win these awards: Best In The West: The award will be given to the best independent film screened on the night which will be decided by our panel of judges. Best Student Film: This award is given to a student or group of students who have put the hard work and energy into perfecting their filmmaking skills and who our judges feel have potential for great things. And finally... The Audience Choice Award: This award is given to the filmmaker whom may have been overlooked by our judges but definitely caught the attention of our audience (which - to be honest - is exactly what you want!) Now for the goodies! With some great backing Made in the West are offering a major prize for the best short film to come out of Western Sydney! Get ready for this guys... *drum roll* We are offering the VERY LUCKY winner of the Best in the West award an awesome opportunity with 2 days studio hire (including green screen, lighting, and staff assistance worth OVER $1000!!) at the beautiful Green Key Studio in Ardnell Park (right near Blacktown).

Now I can hear you all grumbling "What am I gunna do with a free studio package worth over $1000? I'm just a lazy bastard with a propensity for incalculable cynicism." Simple answer: FUCKING ANYTHING. This is what we did:

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